Flying to Miami for a Yacht Party! | Vacation Vlog 1 (Greek Isle Cruise Kick-Off)

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Ha! And this is the first vlog of our epic NINETEEN day vacation. Today two of us will travel to Miami for a party and the other 2 will travel to New York. Heeeeerrrreeeee we go!

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Additional Video Footage: Carla Harrison and Querin Hamilton

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8 thoughts on “Flying to Miami for a Yacht Party! | Vacation Vlog 1 (Greek Isle Cruise Kick-Off)

  1. I’m at work sneaking to watch.. Notification Gang!! Lol anyways I friggin Loved it! all the different commentary from the Homies… So, worth the wait… Love your Vlogs keep em coming 😁

  2. I almost dropped my phone trying to click on the notification to watch this. 😂
    I’ve been waiting for these videos!!!!!!

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