Florida Road Trip – Part 1: Miami, The Keys & Martin County

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Hey my loves!

Welcome to part ONE of our Florida road trip – covering Miami, The Keys & Martin County.

My FAV travel Buddy Kat & I took an EPIC 9-day road trip around Florida, and here’s what we got up to (well the first half anyway!).

Stay tuned for the second half of our trip where we drive to Orlando, visit the parks then head off to swim with Manatees in Crystal River before flying home from Tampa!

If you’re looking to do a similar road trip, you can check out my detailed blog post HERE:

Where we stayed & what we did…


The Plymouth Hotel: https://bit.ly/2SMzQoz

Wynwood Walls: https://bit.ly/1VUXPwq

Martin County…

Martin County – Hutchinsons Shores & Spa: https://bit.ly/2yhiZiw

Explored the beaches of Hobe Sound: https://bit.ly/2tuebT5

Wandered around the Blowing Rocks Preserve: https://bit.ly/2T3NwuO

Stay tuned for our next video loves! xo

You can check out Kat’s wonderful website HERE (she’s an insaneeeee photographer / videographer!): https://bit.ly/2SVO4D9

She also write a wonderful travel blog HERE: https://bit.ly/2Ek4NaZ

*This video was sponsored by Visit Florida, all opinions as always are my own. A HUGE thank you to Visit Florida for helping to organise an incredible road trip for us – we loved every moment!

If you’re looking to plan a trip to Florida and would like some more tips, you can check out the Visit Florida website HERE: https://bit.ly/2xRQA3H