25- New York – Miami Art Connections

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New York–Miami Connections

Bill Spring moderates this conversation: New York–Miami Connections.
Our guests are: David Castillo, Kate Gilmore, and Pepe Mar. Castillo, born in Spain, descends from Cuban parents who moved to Florida in 1970’s. Castillo later graduated from Yale as an Art Historian. This year, David Castillo’s Gallery was chosen as one of the top galleries in the world. Castillo describes his career, focusing on when he opened his gallery in Miami, creating a space that supported artists whose work is unique and diverse. Specifically, Castillo showcases women artists, artists of color and queer artists. Kate Gilmore, New York-based artist, shows her work in Castillo’s gallery. She describes her process as a working feminist viewpoint. Her work progressed from her performance pieces spanning the Clinton years through the Obama years, and now. Gilmore’s interests concern how power works and affects the world. Further, her work is deeply influenced by being raised in Washington, DC. Pepe Mar, born in Mexico and Miami-based artist, describes his work as part of how he enjoys the quietness and also complexities of Miami. He states that he has created his own world in Miami. Mar’s process of work is walking the streets and finding in thrift stores the materials he later uses in his large murals or installations. Castillo describes part of the globalization process: artists from New York travelled to Miami to find a place of calmness to work, while others stayed in Miami to live; yet others travel to Miami to show their work. Castillo remarks that the synergy between Miami and New York has grown over time.